Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in magazine publishing, advertising sales, sponsorships, editorial, design, printing and web.

​Sheryl Humphreys

Seventeen years of publishing magazines with direct experience in sales, editorial, circulation, marketing and financials.

Cindy Kaye

With a diverse background in hospitality, events and advertising, Cindy strives to understand her clients' business goals first in order to better assist them in maximizing their marketing plans.

​Wayne Narciso

Having spent his entire career in publishing and printing, Wayne has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the publishing industry.

​Ted McIntyre

With over twenty years experience editing magazines Ted specializes in delivering creditable and well-written marketing vehicles for custom publishing clients.

​Erik Mohr

​​A multi-talented artist, illustrator and award-winning art director, Erik has been art directing magazines for the last fourteen years.